Serve DMX from a path prefix

Refering to I would like to ask esp. @jri and @jpn, if setting Jetty’s context path might be a solution:

The context path is the prefix of a URL path that is used to select the web application to which an incoming request is routed. […] If there is no context path, the context is referred to as the root context. (See )

Background: On my FreedomBox, DMX is running with

Jetty 8.1.14.v20131031 at port(s) HTTP:8080 on context path /

and this configuration snippet for Apache2 (cf. this commit) :

#<Location ~ "/(systems.dmx.webclient|core|accesscontrol|workspace|topicmap)/">
<Location />

    # Configure reverse proxy paths with the URL of the Jetty server
    # dmx.websockets.port

    ProxyPass http://localhost:8080/


But, defining my own global <Location> is only a temporary solution, if at all, as it interferes with the function of the other apps on the FreedomBox.

I have not yet managed to restrict the ProxyPass and <Location> definition to DMX only. I’ve tried using regular expressions with the <Location> Directive or a parent <VirtualHost>, but I can’t get either to work.

Thank you for the info!

Yes, setting the server-side context path will be part of the solution.
However client-side changes are required as well (see #334).
The client-side solution will involve HTML <base> element.

The “Serve DMX from a path prefix” feature will be realized in 5.0-beta-7 which is scheduled for Q1 2019.

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