A fatal problem, help me

I have created a topic map, there are many data, last night because the network is a little slow, click the user “exit” button, I wonder if the topic map data is not normally saved to the neo4j. This morning, when I visited the topic map, there was an exception. The whole topic map could not be accessed. The error message is as follows:

500 Server Error

{“exception”: “java.lang.RuntimeException”, “message”, “fetching topic map 3892 failed”, “cause”:{exception",“java.lang.RuntimeException”,“message”,“Building ViewTopic 4882 failed”,“cause”:{exception", “org.neo4j.db.NotFoundtion”, “message”:""dmx.topicmaps.x"not found for property. NodeImpl#10417. "}}}}} _____________


I have tried many times, all of them are the same problem.My data is not backed up, I don’t know how to solve it.

Thank you!

Please provide me some context information:

  • do you use DMX locally, or at a remote server?
  • what DMX version are you using?
  • what do you mean by the “user exit button”?
  • can you still open the DMX Webclient? E.g. are you still able to switch between topicmaps?

Apparently one topicmap got corrupted in your DB. At the moment I can’t say how this happened.

These are the options you/we could follow then:

  • Just a note: if a topicmap can’t be opened anymore does not mean your content is lost. All the topics and associations exist in the database independently from the topicmap. In principle you could create another topicmap and reveal the topics and associations there (by using search and navigation via Related panel.)

  • In case you can’t start the DMX Webclient at all: remove the DMX browser cookies (as seen in screenshot), and try starting again through the Webclient’s main URL (http://localhost:8080/systems.dmx.webclient/), that is without a topicmap ID in the URL. Probably you can continue working with DMX for now then (as long as you don’t open the broken topicmap).


  • To actually repair your DB you would have send it to me via email.
    Warning: choose this way only if you have no sensitive information in your DB.
    Only in case you want to go this way please follow this procedure:

    1. Stop the DMX server
    2. Zip the directory dmx-db
    3. Send the zip file to jri@dmx.berlin, along with the information I need to find your broken topicmap, e.g. user account, password, workspace, topicmap.
      I would try to repair your DB, and send it back to you then. This may take some days.

Please excuse the iconvenience.

In case the topicmap is readable without login I don’t need user account and password.

  1. do you use DMX locally, or at a remote server?
    I use DMX at a remote server.

  1. what DMX version are you using?

I am using DMX5.0-beat-4.

  1. what do you mean by the “user exit button”?
    I mean when I finish my work, I exit admin’s login status first according to the correct procedure, so that the data can be saved to the database correctly.
  2. can you still open the DMX Webclient? E.g. are you still able to switch between topicmaps?
    I can open the DMX Webclient,and I can select my worksapce and switch between topicmaps.But I just couldn’t open the topic map I created.
    I have compressed the database files and sent them to your mailbox. The access address of the topic map is http://ip/systems.dmx.webclient/#/topicmap/3892.
    Thank you very much!