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Would like somebody to have a look at the file here. I am not able to get the latest DMX Debian package to work on my FreedomBox. (Raspbian GNU/Linux behind a FRITZ!Box, ports 8080, 8081, 8443 are passed through, firewall on FreedomBox deactivated during tests)

With the configuration mentioned above, I get 403 Forbidden errors for favicon.ico and /systems.dmx.webclient/

The 403 (Forbidden) status code indicates that the server understood
the request but refuses to authorize it.

I could not enter the initial admin password (felix/jetty), because no login dialog appears.

BTW: I know that I have to specify the domain or IP address of the server, e.g. ws://, but also in this case I get the 403 error messages.

I guess your requests are rejected by the DMX request filter, in particular the subnet filter.

In a server scenario – that is when the DMX server and the browser run on different machines – you have to configure

By default DMX allows requests only from localhost.

From DMX

# Requests are allowed from this subnet only.
# An address range denoted by network number and netmask.
# To allow local access only set "". This is the default.
# To allow global access set "". =
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For further diagnosis you could activate DMX access control fine logging. Add this line to DMX (resp. uncomment it) and restart the DMX server:


For every request extensive diagnosis messages appear in the server log then.

In your case look in particular for messages related to (In case your problem is IPv6 related you’ll recognize it then.)

Once diagnosis is done you should comment that line again and restart the DMX server another time.

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@jri Thanks Jörg, Allow global access . This did the trick.

Now the login dialog appears and afterwards I can use the DMX webclient. Very good. Only when I click “logout” the system behaves strange. Instead of logging me out, the login dialog appears. I have to reload the page and then I can login again.

Oh, possibly you’ve detected a problem which we had already solved in DM4, but now it seems to be back in DMX.

It happens only when you set to NONE. In this case the browser’s own login dialog is utilized, not DMX’s one.


I need to do further investigation on this.

Thank you for reporting!

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I’ve filed an issue now:

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