Admin password cannot been changed

I’v just installed DMX 5.1 on a private server within the brand new Docker container from Docker-hub.
It seems to be working fine beside the fact that I cannot change the admin password as described in the user documentation. The Edit on the user isn’t accessible by the admin user.
Is there any special trick I haven’t found?

Update: even a normal user cannot change the password as an Edit isn’t allowed.


Hi @Detlef_Winkelvoss, welcome to DMX!

Thanks a lot for getting in touch! You actually found an error in our user documentation. To change a password you do not edit the “user name” topic but you edit the “user account” topic. We will fix this in the documentation. (And, yes, the admin cannot edit passwords of existing user accounts other than his/her own, that is intended.)

Best, Silke

that works on the Admin Workspace