Check out our brand new mobile client

We have prototyped a small web application to make DMX more useful on small mobile devices - especially mobile phones.

Our focus was to strip down the first version to the fastest possible implementation. You can search and create new topics and view, edit and navigate them via the detail panel. For now, all new topics are created in the user’s private workspace.

You can try it by visiting our dev server with your mobile via this link Login as admin without password.

From a development perspective we are re-using these three components from the DMX Desktop Webclient:

  1. dmx-detail-panel
  2. dmx-search-widget
  3. dmx-login-dialog

The dmx-mobile plugin is free and open source.

We are happy to get your feedback and your ideas for further improvements.

Congratulate! I pay close attention to the development of DMX almost every day. DMX is getting better and better!