Check out our DMX Admin Documentation

We are working on a documentation on running and maintaining DMX on a server. Check out if your questions are answered by it. If not, please let us know what you miss in there so that we can improve it. Thank you!

I am currently installing DMX on my FreedomBox. @silke already fixed the Wrong Examples Path … issue #34. Here are some more findings:

  • The DMX settings file is not located in conf/ but in /etc/dmx/
  • Starting the dmx.service (DMX - The Context Machine) on my FreedomBox, logs are saying:
    ** No found. (from bin/felix.jar)
    ** org.eclipse.jetty.ssl.password : org.eclipse.jetty.ssl.keypassword : [ERROR] Failed to start Connector: SslSelectChannelConnector@ (the concect keypassword is not explained in the docs)
    ** /var/lib/dmx/.keystore (No such file or directory)

@jpn and I will meet on Tuesday to get DMX intalled on FreedomBox but docs should explain the keytool, keystore and keypassword concepts.

Furthermore, after the installation of The DMX Debian Package, I can’t find a “Systemd unit file”: there is no /etc/systemd/system/dmx.service. The link to /lib/systemd/system/dmx.service is missing.

HI @RalfBarkow, thanks for reporting the issues. The Admin Documentation is still incomplete. Apart from the section about the Debian package, the whole rest is written for a DMX that you run from an unzipped download file (e.g. path to settings file). I’ll need a few days to check on the items you mentioned. Stay tuned… :wink:

Thanks @silke and no problem. If it’s all right with you, I’ll keep a record of my findings here. I could also make/suggest changes in the dmx-documentation repository directly, and send you pull requests (PR).

Hi @silke

@jpn and @RalfBarkow have tried to get DMX to run on FreedomBox. All applications currently on FreedomBox run on a path, not subdomain. The configuration you referenced seems to assume that DMX is running on a subdomain or is the only application on the system. Support for subdomains in FreedomBox is expected to be added by mid-2020.

To run DMX on a FreedomBox, you first need an /etc/apache2/conf-available, see the results of our previous attempts here: dmx-freedombox.conf. Juergen wanted to see if he could make it work with a path and to try putting any rewrite rules under /dmx/.

Maybe with your help, Silke?

Update (2019-12-19)
Due to private email conversation with Jörg (@jri ) we have another option: to not use apache.

For the FreedomBox configuration, this would mean to open the corresponding ports (configure port forwarding and firewalld).

See Issue ignoring url? for actual status:

At the moment DMX can’t be run in a directory (e.g. /dmx ), only in / .