Composite with 2 identity attributes

Hello! :slight_smile:
How do I create instances of a composite topic type with two identity attributes? My example: I created a Topic Type “e-mail” with a subject and a date as the two identity attributes. Now when I try to create an instance via the Search/Create dialog it cannot be created because the date is missing and I don’t know if there is a way / a format to hand it over during creation.
Do you have any hints on this?

Hi Silke!

actually you’re reporting a DMX 5.1 regression here!
The very problem you describe was fixed in 5.0-beta-6 already but now reappeared in 5.1:

I’ve reopened this ticket now. Will be fixed very soon.

Thank you for reporting!

Workaround: do not set any identity attribute for your composite (“Email”). This works as long as the composite is not child type in another composite.

See also:


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This is fixed meanwhile. More than one identity attribute does work again. The fix will be part of DMX 5.2. You can test the current 5.2-SNAPSHOT here: