DMX 5.0-beta-4 released

After 8 weeks of intense work DMX 5.0-beta-4 is released at July 22, 2019.

After the 2.5 years DMX line of development this is the first release that provides Data Guarantee. That is when you install a newer version in the future (beta-5, …) your content will be migrated automatically. Start with DMX 5.0-beta-4 today and your content will be safe.

This is the ideal moment for you to begin a DMX project :slight_smile:

Another feature highlight: Pinnable Detail Panel. If pinned the detail panel behaves like in the DM4 webclient. It proved a lot of people like the DM4 detail panel approach very much. If unpinned you get the β€œmodern” DMX approach which favors displaying details directly in-map.

Further highlights:

  • Performance: topicmap rendering is up to 10 times faster
  • Improved interaction with topic/association details
  • Improved handling of HTML links

For the full list of changes see the Release Notes.

For general information about DMX see the README.

Also check out the DMX documentation.

Download (7.5 MB):

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Congratulations! This is an important milestone !