DMX 5.0-beta-6 released

DMX 5.0-beta-6 is released at Nov 23, 2019!

It brings a lot of new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • The highlight feature is Advanced Search. You can restrict the search results to a certain type (the type selection menu is customizable), and optionally widen the search scope to include the child topics.
  • An Unsaved Changes warning makes lost edits history. The user has 3 choices: save, discard changes, and continue editing.
  • Topicmap auto-pan: when a topic is revealed the topicmap automatically pans so that the topic is within viewport.
  • A crucial change is that there is no topicmap auto-layout and animation anymore along with every selection. Result is a more stable view experience.
  • A crucial bug is finally fixed: changing password via Webclient works.

For the full list of changes in beta-6 see the release notes.

For general information about DMX e.g. download, live demo, and documentation see the README.

Note: even though DMX 5 is still in its beta phase we provide data guarantee since beta-4 already. That is when your DMX 5 installation is not older than beta-4 you can upgrade to any future DMX 5 version. Your data is guaranteed to be transferred automatically. So there is no need to hesitate with your DMX based project any longer :slight_smile:

Congratulations!The function of DMX is more and more perfect and mature. I am looking forward to the day when DMX5.0 is officially released!

For this improved function: My idea is that it’s better to not only display the topic in the window, but also make the topic in the center of the window, because the user focuses on the topic, so that it can be displayed in an eye-catching position.
What do you think?

I don’t think this a good idea. Consider a situation when a topic is revealed at an topicmap’s edge/corner. Bringing this topic to the screen center would bring a lot of empty space on screen and thus moving possibly relevant content out of screen.

One design goal of the DMX Webclient is “stable views”. That is the display is under user control, not machine’s control. In most cases the machine can’t guess what’s on the user’s mind anyways. So let the machine only do minimal intervention.

See also this thread.