DMX 5.0-beta-7 released

DMX 5.0-beta-7 is released at Mar 30, 2020!

Main focus for 5.0-beta-7 was on consolidation of the DMX plugin development framework. There are improvements for Webclient users as well.

Plugin framework highlights:

  • Custom Commands: a plugin can add commands to the topic/association context menu.

User highlights:

  • Interactive Workspace Assignment: use the detail panel’s Meta tab to move a topic/association to another workspace.

For the full list of improvements and changes in beta-7 see the milestone tickets.

For general information about DMX e.g. download, live demo, and documentation see the README.

Note that starting with beta-7 the “Geomaps” feature is not part of the DMX standard distribution anymore. You can donwload/install the Geomaps Plugin separately.

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