DMX 5.0-beta-7 released

DMX 5.0-beta-7 is released at Mar 30, 2020!

Main focus for 5.0-beta-7 was on consolidation of the DMX plugin development framework. There are improvements for Webclient users as well.

Plugin framework highlights:

  • Custom Commands: a plugin can add commands to the topic/association context menu.

User highlights:

  • Interactive Workspace Assignment: use the detail panel’s Meta tab to move a topic/association to another workspace.

For the full list of improvements and changes in beta-7 see the milestone tickets.

For general information about DMX e.g. download, live demo, and documentation see the README.

Note that starting with beta-7 the “Geomaps” feature is not part of the DMX standard distribution anymore. You can donwload/install the Geomaps Plugin separately.

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hello. Just tried DMX beta-7, on my system i do not get a Delete button as reported in the Documentation. Where should I report this ?


In beta-7 we still had the “danger zone” concept: the danger zone is an distinguished context menu you invoke by holding the alt-key (or another modifier key). It (only) contains the “Delete” command.

Meanwhile we’ve removed the danger zone as this concept does not go well with touch devices. The DMX User Guide already has some 5.0 final screenshots.

Beta-7 will be the last beta. DMX 5.0 final will be released these days! You can download a very close-to-release SNAPSHOT here:

Welcome to DMX!