DMX 5.1 released

DMX 5.1 has been released at Dec 30, 2020.

Highlight feature:

  • Association Search: for the first time you can search for associations. You have all the filters available known from topic search: by-type, by-value, by-child-value. You can also combine all kinds of topic and association filters to search for associations by their (topic-)players.


  • The user can delete geomaps and tableviews interactively.
  • Revised login state: once logged in, a menu is displayed, extensible by plugins.
  • As inspired by a forum poster: all Webclient dialogs are movable, and do not dimm the screen anymore.
  • For plugin developers there are a lot of new Webclient extension possibilities.

For the complete overview of DMX 5.1 see the milestone tickets:

You can update any DMX installation not older than DMX 5.0-beta-4.
For update instructions see the DMX Admin Documentation:
For developers (who update via git pull) see also this forum posting.

Download DMX 5.1 (7.5 MB):

IMPORTATNT before you update your DMX installation: in case you have extra plugins installed (“DMX Geomaps”, “DMX Tableview”, …): please check if they are adapted to DMX 5.1 already on this page:
All major plugins are adapted to 5.1 already.

Hi Joerg,
is it possible to have the dmx plugins distributed through a maven repository? It is difficult to develop plugins when there are dependencies on dmx-core plugin and 3rd party plugins at the same time. One has to check out all of them.

Best regards

Yes, starting with upcoming version 5.2 the DMX artifacts will be available at Maven Central.
I could upload the existing DMX 5.1 artifacts as well, if needed.

I’ve created an issue:

@tbh thank you for reporting! And welcome to DMX!

Hint: at the moment (DMX 5.1) the most easy way to get at least the DMX platform’s modules into your local Maven repo is to build the platform from source:

git clone
cd dmx-platform
mvn install -P all

This builds all platform modules and installs them in your local Maven repository.

See the DMX Dev Guide:

Also have a look at this DMX plugin starter project:

For the moment I got things working, however in the future (DM 5.2+) it would be nice to have maven artifacts again.