DMX Web site typos

Hello everyone.

I must find the time to delve into DMX seriously, especially since I’ve noticed a lot of new stuff popping up since I last logged in and/or looked at the project.

Anyway, on an entirely different note.

The dmx-littlehelpers project sports in the description Severe side utilities for dmx application developers. when, I believe, it shoud read Server-side utilities for dmx application developers.

The same description, unsurprisingly, is shown in the Plugins section of the web site.
Just from a marketing point of view, I would suggest to review the descriptions of the various repositories on Gitlab and/or in the Plugins page since they are inconsistent with each other (A few verbs with -s third person ending, others without) and in a few cases the use of prepositions, for instance, sounds a bit off in an English sentence.

Of course it’s just a cosmetic issue, but it might turn off some people. I am not sure whether this is the right channel for this, but I couldn’t find a different one :smiley:

Regardless, keep up the good work people and thanks for the quality work :wave:

@trantor Thank you very much for your supporting feedback! The most severe error is fixed now. :grin: We will also work on improving the plugin descriptions. If you come across other lapses, please let us know!


Well, at the bottom of this page Hosting-Details – DMX there are typos: confidencial instead of confidential, and indivdual instead of individual.

@trantor I have just fixed those typos. Your help is very much appreciated! I would like to thank you for your continuous support with a little bit more than just words: If you want you can choose any one item from our merchandise or you can have a free personal subscription for our hosting services. What ever you prefer, please just let me know.