Error rendering geomap after dmx update

After following the steps to update dmx-platform mentioned on (… git pull, etc) the geomap is no longer render, but this only happened on dev localhost://8082, in 8080 the map is properly render.
Got this error on the console.

Rendering topicmap 8230 failed Error: unknown topicmap type 'dmx.geomaps.geomap'
getTopicmapType webpack:///./node_modules/dmx-topicmap-panel/src/topicmap-panel.js?:140
switchTopicmapRenderer webpack:///./node_modules/dmx-topicmap-panel/src/topicmap-panel.js?:107
switchTopicmapRenderer webpack:///./node_modules/dmx-topicmap-panel/src/topicmap-panel.js?:102
showTopicmap webpack:///./node_modules/dmx-topicmap-panel/src/topicmap-panel.js?:41
wrappedActionHandler webpack:///./node_modules/vuex/dist/vuex.esm.js?:755
dispatch webpack:///./node_modules/vuex/dist/vuex.esm.js?:446
boundDispatch webpack:///./node_modules/vuex/dist/vuex.esm.js?:340
_displayTopicmap webpack:///./modules/dmx-topicmaps/src/main/js/topicmaps.js?:801


I tried also with a clean install of dmx-geomaps, but it happened the same. Maybe I omited something or does the update needs some other step?

Hi @gev,

as this error only happens in the dev environment, try adding the dmx-geomaps plugin.js file to the plugin_manager.js (see line 33 in ). You can find the plugin_manager.js file in the dmx-webclient module of the dmx-platform. The dmx-geomaps is not distributed with the platform by default. Therefore I think you might need to register it for being known/available under :8082. Then run npm run dev again - this might solve the issue of the geomap not being rendered in dev mode. During the rebuild of the dmx-platform you probably lost the registration of the dmx-geomaps plugin.js in the weblcients plugin_manager.js.

Hi @mukil. Yes, of course, I didn’t see that little detail.
Thanks a lot!

Hint: after changing plugin-manager.js no dev server restart is required.