Losing access to certain workspaces

Hello dear Forum,

It has happened me already a couple of times, that I create a workspace and after changing to another workspace I cannot longer access the first one, as it keeps loading indefinitely. How can I recover the information inside that workspace? Or what could be causing the program to fall in a loop?

I’m running DMX in a Linux machine (Ubuntu 20) and Chromium (Brave) and Firefox as browsers.

Hi Santiago! Very welcome to our forum!

From what I understand you have a working DMX instance on your local machine. To help us debug your problem we’ll need a bit more information from you. Ideally you should check the DMX server log on your local machine and check if it throws any errors. If so, we’d need a copy of the error messages. You should also please check the logs of your browser for errors and share them here. We will also need to know what version of DMX you are using. You can find the the version number and release date in the main menu when clicking on the “?” icon in the top right corner and then open the “About DMX” window.

Could it be that you are logged into DMX from one browser with two different accounts at the same time (e.g. with the admin account and a user account)?
Thank you very much for posting your issues here!

Hi Santiago,

I may be able to answer some of your questions though, which may help you to track down the actual issue but it would be great if you could add a short description of how to reproduce your issue as I cannot imagine what problem you’ve discovered.

Q1: “Loosing access to a workspace”:

One can only lose access to a workspace if a “Membership” edge is removed/deleted. So I think this not the issue in your case since you created the workspace and then you are the “Owner” of that workspace. In which case you can’t loose membership to it.

See: Intro to Workspace and Topicmaps as well as Collaboration and Sharing: Workspaces

Q2: “Workspace I cannot longer access the first one, as it keeps loading indefinitely.”

This sounds to me as if the first topicmap in that workspace may be corrupt and that is what keeps loading infinitely. However, in that case, the content in the map is not lost. It sill resides in your semantic storage. Note that topicmaps are just visualizations of parts of your semantic storage. In that case, that visualization got somehow broken. However, this would be a serious bug and should never happen.

Q3: “How can I recover the information inside that workspace?”

If you a member/owner of a workspace, which I think is true in your case, you still have access to all its contents, as said, even if a topicmap is corrupted. You might find the diagram in the following section of the user guide helpful as it visualizes the relation of (a) items in the semantic storage and (b) items on individual topicmaps: https://dmx.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user.html#organizing-the-working-context

So you could simply create a new topicmap, query for the contents from that other workspace using the “search&create dialog”. Often I find myself to only need to fetch one or two very specific topics (of which I know they are part of another map) to reconstruct big parts of that map in the current one, only using the navigation functionality provided by the “related” tab.

Q4: “Or what could be causing the program to fall in a loop?”:

Up to my knowledge, only a corrupted topicmap or maybe a stale cookie. Both should not happen and it would be great if you could provide use some more detail so we can try to reproduce your issue.

If you experience the error, you could report the errors reported by dmx-webclient in your browser’s “console” back here. Therefore: Open the browser console (in Firefox: Press Shift + CTRL + i to open it), select the troubling workspace and paste the error messages in here.

Hope this helps!

Edited :Added a link to user guide section introducing the concepts of workspace and topicmap.