Moving topics between workspaces

As a user, I would like to move topics(composites) from one workspace to another. Currently moving (under meta tab) seem to work only per value(property?), so moving even a note with the title and the text needs three(5?) “moves”, the note, its title and its text, maybe even their associations to the note?

As a user, I would assume that moving the note moves at least the associated name/label of it. In the case of a note, also the text but this does get a bit complicated with more complex composites like a person, which likely combines private and public info, and the move will change the access rights.

One solution would be to pop-up a dialogue-box for the user to confirm the values to be moved when triggering the move. The box could have at least its name/label pre-checked. If the property list is long, any “show more” logic should work.

Maybe this leads to complications later? What if a eg. a phone number is later associated with the moved person (partial composite) and it already has a phone number (unmoved) in the previous workspace? The intention is likely to associate the person with the same number, but the result is two phone number values in different workspaces. And if the members of the first workspace are not members in the second, they are left with an orphan(?) phone number value without association to anything?

Hi @tuomo! Thank you for your input and sorry for the delay in our reply. We had some internal discussions going on about your question for some time already, but I forget to let you know that we are on it. :flushed:

I would like to share with you where we are at and why we think it needs more conceptual work to find a good solution for your issue.

First let’s imagine the simple case where you have full control (read and write access) on a composite topic and all of its children (properties) and relevant associations. Would you only want to move the payload (aka the data you manually entered), or would you want to move the entire object with all associations, including those, automatically generated by the machine?

For a second scenario, let’s say you have read access to all properties of a composite topic, but only write access to a sub-group of them. To move an object to another workspace, you need write access, of course. What would you expect should happen in this case?

Please share your thoughts with us, so that we can hopefully find a feasible solution for your issue, soon. Thank you very much and kind greetings!