Problems encountered in Translation

here are several words that can be translated normally when using 5.0 in the past. However, after using 5.2, the source file has been translated into Chinese, but after compilation, it is still displayed in English on the front end. They are as follows:

1.Topic type

2.Association type

Does anyone know why? thank you!

In addition, there is another data type: text, which is the same.

Dear Liangbing Zhu,

good to see you again :slight_smile:

You’ll find “Topic Type” and “Association Type” in the Core’s bootstrap code (change the string literals):

For data type “Text” see (change the string literal):

And for “Data Type” itself (change the string literal):

The other “Type” occurrences are in the dmx-topic-list component.

Change the label attribute here:

… and here

More “Type” occurrences (change the string literals):

You need to rebuild the platform, and launch with a fresh database.

Tell me if you need further help.

According to the information you provided, I have solved the above problems. I have been following the development of DMX and have never left. thank you!