[SURVEY] Do you use uppercase in usernames?


Background: for the upcoming DMX 5.3 release we consider switching to case-insensitive usernames, and, in conjunction, to store usernames lowercase in the DB. To not break existing user accounts we can equip DMX 5.3 with a migration that changes the affected usernames accordingly. As changing a username afterwards is not an easy affair in DMX (usernames are spread all over the DB) we’re wondering whether we can get around it.

Does any DMX user actually use uppercase letters in usernames? If so, please tell us. We at DMX will go the extra mile and provide a migration along with DMX 5.3 then.

The username case issue occurred in conjunction with DMX’s optional LDAP support. Usernames in LDAP are case-insensitive.

I do not use uppercase in my user name.

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