The plug-in for uploading files cannot be used

I downloaded the dmx-upload-dialog-1.0.3.jar plug-in and put it in the bundle deploy folder of dmx5.2. The operation button for uploading files appears on the front end, but when I click this button, there is no response. The test results are the same on several computers. I don’t know why?


I assume you have a client-server DMX installation and want upload files to the server-side file repository. In this case use the dmx-file-upload plugin. The dmx-upload-dialog plugin on the other hand has a different purpose and is most likely not what you want.

To browse the server-side file repository click this icon:


To upload a file (to a server-side folder) press “Upload File” in the Detail Panel when a Folder topic is selected:


For a client-server DMX installation you should set the dmx.filerepo.per_workspace config to true. This gives you access-controlled file repos on a per-workspace basis.

The “Upload File” and “Create Folder” buttons are available only if 1) the dmx-file-upload plugin is installed, and 2) you have write-access to the respective workspace.

Dear jri, According to your method, the problem has been solved. Thank you!

That’s great! Thank you for feedback!

When using earlier DMX versions, the dmx-upload-dialog plugin was exactly what you needed. However, as of DMX 5.2 , the file-upload service was carved out of the platform functionality and moved into the dmx-file-upload plugin. That is why, for the dmx-upload-dialog-1.0.3 plugin - as indicated in the plugins readme an on the page - the dmx-file-upload has become a dependency without which the dmx-upload-dialog does not work at all. Now, as you’ve installed the dmx-file-upload dialog, the dmx-upload-dialog extension should work as expected.

So much just for the clarification.

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Dear mukil:Thank you for your clarification. I’m impressed by your preciseness and seriousness!

Note that with the dmx-upload-dialog plugin you can upload files only to the file repo root directory. You neither can upload to arbitrary file repo folders, nor can you create new folders. The main benefit of the dmx-upload-dialog plugin is actually its file processing capabilities by the means of plugable “file handlers”, e.g. dmx-import-export, dmx-images, and dmx-csv.

If you need these file processing capabilities use the dmx-upload-dialog plugin (and install dmx-file-upload as well, as pointed out by @mukil). On the other hand, if you just want maintain the server-side DMX file repo (upload files to arbitrary folders, create new folders) use the dmx-file-upload plugin instead. The dmx-upload-dialog plugin is not needed then.

We at DMX are aware the existence of two “upload” plugins is the source for confusion. This situation exists for historical reasons. At the time dmx-upload-dialog was introduced there was no dmx-file-upload yet. Meanwhile the conceptualization of the dmx-upload-dialog plugin is regarded obsolete.

Tasks on the part of the DMX team:

  • Redesign the dmx-upload-dialog plugin. Its file processing capabilities should be separated from the actual upload operation.
  • Update the DMX website. At the moment the dmx-file-upload plugin does not appear on the Plugins page.
  • Update chapter Plugin Documentation of the DMX docs. At the moment the dmx-upload-dialog explanation is incomplete, and dmx-file-upload is not explained at all.

Thank you, @zhlbb for addressing these issues!

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