DMX documentation rewrite effort: stable version of the documentation

This DMX documentation rewrite effort is very young. It started with the advent of DMX 5.2.

In contrast the DMX 5.0 documentation is much more complete. Click the bottom/left corner and choose version stable.

As much as I appreciate your effort to revise the documentation, I think there is some confusion regarding the stable version. My production system is on version 5.1, but in the above quote DMX 5.0 is mentioned. One could now get the impression that 5.0 and not 5.1 is the stable version – to then learn that the version of the documentation is meant. So the stable version of the documentation is 5.0 and not 5.1? I might be confused. :wink:

By the way, my old bookmark leads me into a maze. Nice!

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Note that stable vs. latest in readthedocs-URLs denote the docs version, not the software version.

DMX docs status: – the “old”
This is actually the original DMX 5.0 docs (Aug 2020). Note that this docs mentions “5.1” in some places (e.g. “The latest stable release is the DMX 5.1 release”), but it was actually never updated to reflect the 5.1 changes. This docs is no longer maintained, and is now regarded outdated. – the “new”
This is the current docs rewrite effort, as started along with the advent of DMX 5.2 (Jun 2021). It is under heavy development. At the moment the new docs still contains references to the old docs as the latter is still more complete content-wise. The new docs will become self-contained very soon though. Please give the docs writer some more time :smiley:

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“old” and “new” docs are now merged:

The DMX docs contain 2 new chapters (work in progress):

  • “Preface” – about the philosophical background of DMX
  • “DMX Overview” – a concept-level introduction

De facto DMX only has latest docs at this moment. While the current docs are extensive and informative they are still incomplete, inconsistent, and flawed (in particular chapter “Modeling”). Consequently the stable links are now dead. Coming up with true “stable” docs still requires lot of work.

There is no “old” docs “new” docs anymore. There is only the unified docs.

At this moment I like to thank @silke for her DMX docs work! Some time ago when 5.0 came out she managed to come up with complete DMX docs from scratch. This is a tremendous achievement, and is still the basis of what we have today. :clap: :+1: